Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities at Princeton (IHUM) is a home for new experiments in an ancient enterprise. In collaboration with departments in the humanities and social sciences, IHUM presents a regular roster of team-taught seminars that are open to all graduate students at the University; hosts an annual series of lunch talks, lectures, and interdisciplinary reading groups; and offers a number of fourth-year fellowships for interdisciplinary work in the early stages of the dissertation and a joint Ph.D. upon completion of the program.

Our courses explore the widening possibilities for humanistic study in a young millennium, reaching out to the arts and sciences and testing the conventions of intellectual exchange.

IHUM events experiment in the ways the disciplines can talk together. We invite thinkers from across the intellectual landscape to imagine occasions that reinvent the traditional humanistic questions, while tweaking, transforming, occasionally forsaking the academic conventions of lecture and seminar.

Our wager is that innovative interdisciplinary work emerges from challenges of representation as well as conception, output as well as input. This site offers information on our programs and an accumulating archive of our experiments in the hope that they may provide ideas and impetus for further explorations.

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