Guidelines for Reading Groups

IHUM supplies a web page, logistical assistance with meeting space and inviting guests, and up to $250 of funding to each group each year (a small additional pool of funds is available on a first-come, first-serve basis). Beyond that, setting readings, scheduling meetings, and maintaining membership is the responsibility of the organizers. Groups should be open to all graduate students and faculty.

IHUM funding is intended to help stage events for a larger public that might arise out of your work together, or to invite guests from outside the university to join you. (You do not need to spend it.) This money is not to be used for incidental expenses such as cheese cubes, but rather turned to intellectual account. Expenditures require the approval of the Director.

Organizers have two further responsibilities: 1) to keep the webpage current, with an announcement of all meeting times; and 2) to keep a record of meetings attendance (with names). IHUM sponsorship is renewable each fall, so long as the group can show that it has kept a loyal membership and a regular meeting schedule.