Martha Friedman, (Visual Arts) Jamieson N. Webster, (Council of Humanities)
Elizabeth A. Davis (Department of Anthropology), Karen R. Emmerich (Comparative Literature)
Devin A. Fore (Department of German), Hal Foster (Art & Archaeology)
Christy N. Wampole (Department of French and Italian)
Andrew Cole (English), Brooke Holmes (Classics)
Zahid R. Chaudhary (English), Benjamin Conisbee Baer (Comparative Literature)
Thomas W. Hare (Comparative Literature) & Russell J. Leo (English)
Eduardo L. Cadava (English) & Susan Meiselas (Humanities Council)
Andrew L. Ford (Classics) & Martin Kern (East Asian Studies)
Peter Brooks (Comp Lit), Brigid Doherty (German and Art & Archaeology)
Lucia Allais (Architecture), Forrest M. Meggers (Architecture)
Beatriz Colomina (Architecture) and Rubén Gallo (Spanish and Portuguese)
Spyridon Papapetros (Architecture) and Rachel L. Price (Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures)
Peter P. Brooks (Comparative Literature) and Brigid Doherty (German and Art & Archaeology)
Anthony Grafton (History) and Russell Leo (English)
Scott Burnham (Musicology) and Barbara White (Music Composition)
Eduardo L. Cadava (English), Paulo Carvalho Ravares (PLAS) and Eyal Weizman (Architecture)
Daniel Garber (Philosophy) and Eileen Reeves (Comparative Literature)
D. Graham Burnett (History of Science), Jeff Dolven (English)
Susan Stewart (English) and Eve Aschheim (Lewis Center for the Arts)
Leonard Barkan (Comparative Literature) and Daniel Garber (Philosophy)
Sandra Berman (Comparative Literature) and C.K. Williams (Creative Writing)
Tags:  Spring 2013
Joe Scanlan (Visual Arts)
Brigid Doherty (Art & Archaeology and German) and Michael Jennings (German)
Esther H. Schor (English) and Leong Seow (Princeton Theological Seminary)
Tags:  Spring 2013
D. Graham Burnett (History) and Sal Randolph (IHUM Fellow)
Thomas Y. Levin (German) and Joseph Vogl (Humboldt U)
Tags:  Spring 2013
Jeff Dolven (English) and Joshua Katz (Classics)
Devin Fore (German) and Hal Foster (Art and Archeology)
D. Graham Burnett (History of Science) and Jeff Dolven (English)