New Schools

New Schools begins from an important direction in contemporary art, work that adopts and transforms academic forms (lectures, seminars), structures (classrooms, libraries), and methods (especially archival research). The project is meant to bring the pedagogical experiments of the art world back into the university, by inviting artists to collaborate with Princeton faculty to create situations within the curriculum of particular Princeton classes, undergraduate and graduate. During the 2015-2016 academic year, five artists will be collaborating with five faculty members in scenarios of the partners’ devising. The results of the collaboration will be documented in the form of a short book of lesson plans, and whatever other records the collaborators decide to make.


A scholar of modern Greek and a performance artist undertake an exercise in radical translation –  Karen Emmerich and Aki Sasamoto  (COM 402: Radical Poetics, Radical Translation, FALL 2015).

A theater director, a philosopher, and a historian of science tackle theories of pedagogy and performance – David Levine, Chiara Cappelletto, D. Graham Burnett (HUM 598: The Enacted Thought: Performance Practices And the Theatres of Learning, SPRING 2016).

A poet and a literary critic explore poetic and corporeal erasure under the modern financial system – Natalie Diaz, Rachel Price (SPA 547: Narrative Prose in Latin America – Finance and Form, SPRING 2016).

A filmmaker and an art historian interrogate the history of the American image – Pacho Velez and Rachael Z. DeLue (ART 463: American Realisms and the Perils of Painting,  SPRING 2016).

A photographer and a computer scientist explore the cognitive effects of video game design – Fia Backstrom, Sebastian Seung (FALL 2016).

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