Critical Moving Image

As both cultural product and historical artifact, film mediates and negotiates an indefinite variety of themes, issues, and disciplines through its moving images. Film Theory / Philosophy / History and Cinema Studies explore the medium in fruitful ways, while other disciplines largely instrumentalize film as footnoted examples or rudimentary vestiges of a larger argument; sustained cinematic thinking is rarely demonstrated in academic fields other than those native to the medium itself. One reason for this lack of extra-disciplinary cinematic thinking may be the insufficiency of a methodological framework that would allow the moving image to unfold its operative potential for other disciplines, such as Architecture, Anthropology, Sociology, Comparative Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Physics, Biology, Musicology, etc.

A project of intellectual engagement and collaborative exchange, the Critical Moving Image reading group aims to facilitate an experimental space in which to build on and investigate the possibilities of the filmic medium and cultivate cinematic thinking at a transdisciplinary level. The group welcomes scholars, faculty members, and graduate students interested in exploring the operative potentialities of film for their respective disciplines.

Clemens Finkelstein
Vajdon Sohaili

Schedule of meetings:

OPERATIVITY // September 19, 2018
INDEXICALITY // October 3, 2018
SLOWNESS // October 17, 2018

Fall Break

DATATECTURE // November 7, 2018
AFFECTIVITY // November 28, 2018
BLINDNESS // December 5, 2018