Reading Groups

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IHUM sponsors a small number of reading groups for graduate students and faculty. Groups convene around an interdisciplinary interest, and are open to all. Details about meetings and membership are available on each group's page, linked below. Click here for guidelines for running a group. If you are interested in starting a new reading group, please contact the director.


After Phenomenology

After Phenomenology wants to engage more broadly with and dive more deeply into intellectual traditions that come after the Phenomenology of Spirit by Hegel. In short, the shadow of Hegel looms over our methods of thinking and reasoning. What does it truly mean to write after Phenomenology or to think post-phenomenologically?

Asian American Studies

This reading group aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to read and discuss works in Asian American Studies. Topics include race relations, diasporic communities, and food culture.

Carceral Studies Reading Group

This group offers a space for interdisciplinary study, discussion, and engagement on the prison and abolition, through the scholarly field of carceral studies and through the writings of prisoners themselves.

Childhood, Law, and the State

This reading group will meet roughly every other week to explore the historical and present-day relationship between law, the state, and the social category of childhood. We will place special emphasis on how notions of innocence and dependence regulate structures of citizenship, racial and sexual difference, carcerality, and political economy.

Feminist Generations

How should we tell the history of feminist thought, especially the controversial, American feminism of 1960 to 1980s? How profoundly do the “biological” resonances of terms like “generation,” “genealogy,” or even "waves" shape and delimit their conceptual possibilities as historiographical models? We cast these questions forwards and backwards, considering feminist thinkers of the 1960s and 1980s (especially the controversial case of Shulamith Firestone), contemporary scholars of queer kinship and reproductive technologies, and evolving historiographical methods for parsing feminist pasts.

Islam after Liberalism

This reading group seeks to study the place and future of Islam in the modern world, while also placing modern Islamic thought and practice in conversation with liberalism and the various social, economic, and political challenges it poses to Islam and Muslims.

Modernism and the Masses

This group convenes virtually each month to discuss the love-hate relationship between Modernism and popular culture, exploring the topic across different European traditions and examining how high art and mass culture came together in places like the stadium, the comic book, and the textile industry.

Operative History and Architecture

The group will read the work of Manfredo Tafuri, paying particular attention to his conception of “operative history,” his translation of Marxism from critical theory to bear on architecture, and his depictions of architecture and capitalism.

Post- and Decolonial Theories

This reading group brings together works of the most prominent scholars working on post- and decolonial theories