Environmental Humanities

The Environmental Humanities Reading Group is an interdisciplinary effort to create an intellectual community among graduate students, faculty, and researchers interested in themes of environmental history, literature, politics and social transformation. The goal of the reading group is to engage with current global debates about the environment, and to explore the ecological as a condition that is often neglected in some of the most important social issues of our time, such as racism, gender and economic inequality, and disparate health outcomes. Additionally, it explores the roles that humanists, writers, and artists play in navigating contemporary environmental challenges.

Jonathan C. Aguirre: [email protected]
Jason Molesky: [email protected] 

Meeting Dates for Fall 2017:
4:30 – 6 pm

  • September 28, 209 Scheide Caldwell House
  • October 26, 203 Scheide Caldwell House
  • November 16, 203 Scheide Caldwell House
  • December 5, 127 East Pyne