Law and Political Economy

Law and Political Economy (LPE) is an interdisciplinary academic network and movement that aims to bring together scholars, practitioners, and students to develop innovative interventions to advance the study of law and political economy, within and beyond academia. LPE scholars investigate how legal doctrine, philosophy, and rules form a type of infrastructure for cultural, social, political, and economic processes; how legal change relate to cultural and social change; the dynamic exchange and feedback between legal, economic, social, and political institutions; and the unequal distribution of wealth, power, knowledge, and information in society.


Princeton's LPE reading group will meet once or twice every month, focusing on a different text each meeting. Participants will be encouraged to contribute to the selection of texts, which may pertain to topics such as the historical and socio-legal foundations of real and financial markets; intersections of cultural, legal, and economic imaginaries; racial capitalism and the history of property and corporations; care work; knowledge and information production and the digital turn; the power of law to create and defend wealth. We hope to host a couple of guest presentations from law professors from the greater New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia area to lead discussions on readings of their choice, from their own scholarship or related to their research."