Receptions of Latin Literature 2020-2021

This group meets monthly to discuss topics in the reception of Latin literature, in all its manifold genres, in European and American culture. This group takes a broad view of what constitutes reception studies, encompassing the influence of Latin literature on the intellectual history, literature, and visual arts of later periods, as well as studies of the history of the book and the transmission of ancient texts. Each meeting will be facilitated by a graduate student, Princeton faculty member, or invited speaker, who will set a topic and facilitate a discussion on the basis of pre-circulated primary and secondary readings. The leader of each session will also have the option of delivering a paper as a starting point for discussion.


This group welcomes the participation of graduate students and faculty from the departments of Classics, Politics, Comparative Literature, History, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Art History, etc. Knowledge of Latin is not necessary for participation.


Spring 2021 Schedule
Monday 2/8, 4:30–6 PM EST: Reflections on Recent Methodologies in Reception


Monday 3/8, 4:30–6 PM EST: Barbara Graziosi on the “Long Prophecy” and the Reception of Latin Literature


Fall Schedule
4:30–6:30PM EST, Monday, October 12th - James Porter (UC Berkeley) on “Self and Nature in Roman Stoicism"
4:30–6:30PM EST, Monday, November 9th- Leah Whittington (Harvard)