Speaking of Science

In a continuing effort to encourage lively and critical discussion of science advocacy and science communication efforts, we at the Princeton Citizen Scientists (PCS) will be continuing our monthly Speaking of Science programming this coming Fall semester. In the last two years as a student organization, PCS has provided students, faculty members, and interested members of the public to engage in events such as the Reflect, Rethink, Reimagine workshop on science advocacy, identity, and STEM inclusion, teach-ins at the March 5th Day of Action, as well as gain practical experience in government and policy outreach through advocacy trips to Washington DC and science communication workshops. Through these events, we identified a desire in the graduate student population for opportunities to engage in creative science communication, and to meet experts bridging the divides between scientific fields, a curious public, and advocacy efforts.

Our goals
Participants of these seminars will be exposed to a variety of reading materials that will equip them with the theory and practical techniques that scientists need to effectively engage with one another, legislators, and a broad public audience. A variety of selected media and subjects will encourage participants to develop their own style of scientific storytelling. For the Fall series, we will draw upon local science communicators, particularly from Princeton, Philadelphia, and New York, and encourage students to forge connections and draw inspiration from these communicators “close to home.” We will continue invite anyone to join the reading group and will advertise the group within our respective student organizations, the Graduate School, and science and humanities departments.

For RSVP and more information, comments or suggestions, please contact  Mike Hepler ([email protected]).


Our monthly meetings in the past have brought in such speakers and subjects as:

• "The Scientific Lens" featuring David Alvarado, documentary filmmaker, director of Bill Nye: Science Guy
• “The Sound of Science” featuring science poetry
• “Science is a Noun and a Verb” featuring Roger Eardley-Pryor, historian of science
• “New Frontiers in Science on TV” featuring Allison Eck, digital editor at NOVA
• “The Auditory Experience” featuring Elah Feder and Annie Minnoff, co-host and producers of Undiscovered and Science Friday
• “Science Journalism and Beyond” featuring Michael Lemonick, opinion editor at Scientific American
• “Comics and Methods of Visual Communication” featuring Matteo Farinella, neuroscientist and comic writer

Each meeting was well-attended, regularly bringing in 10-15 students, faculty, and interested members of the public each month.