Thomas Mann and His World

A reading group on the novels of Thomas Mann and the the world that produced them--both Mann’s own turbulent life and times and the German tradition he inherited from his artistic predecessors. We will take advantage of Mann's interdisciplinary style, touching on such diverse fields as music, philosophy, political history, translation, and Mann's languages. His ongoing experiments in narrative style, signature brand of irony, and strategies for narrating eroticism and queerness will be a focal point.

Our main project for the semester is a collaborative reading of Buddenbrooks. We will also look at related philosophical writings and Mann’s political works if time permits.

Thursdays at 6:00-8:00pm.

  • Feb. 8
  • Feb. 22
  • Mar. 8
  • Apr. 5 (to be confirmed—possible change to Mar. 29)
  • Apr. 12
  • Apr. 26

For more information contact Rachel Bergmann at [email protected].