Writing and The Politics of Language

This reading group aims to put together a variety of texts that discuss the relationships between (a) writing, text and the idea of «language», (b) literacy, the print vernacular and its empowering/disempowering implications for linguistic and literary communities, (c) print cultures in the creation of utopian/dystopian drives, as well as different theories surrounding liberty and subjection/control of linguistic forms.


FALL 2018

  • Friday, September 28th. 4pm @ 209 Scheide Caldwell House

    On Prose Style & Its Communities: James Paul Gee.

  • Friday, October 19th. 4pm @ 209 Scheide Caldwell House

    The Written-Spoken / The Spoken-Written: Walter J. Ong vs. Jacques Derrida.

  • Friday, November 16th. 4pm @ 209 Scheide Caldwell House

    Popular Appropriation & Emancipation. Roger Chartier + Jacques Ranciere + Giorgio Agamben

  • Friday, November 30th. 4pm @ 209 Scheide Caldwell House

    The Violence of Language: Jean-Jacques Lecercle

Diego Baena
Paula Perez-Rodriguez