• Film and Media Theory

    This group comprised of professors and students conducts close readings of early critical works in film and media studies. The main texts for this year are Gilles Deleuze’s Cinema I and II.
  • Inventory

    Inventory is a literary translation project that examines the art and practice of literary translation through workshops and an annual journal. The journal catalogs original translations, provides critical texts on translation, and thoughts on the state of the field.
  • Queer Cultures

    Focusing on the intersection of sexuality and representation, this reading group considers the stakes of aesthetics and artistic practice in queer theory and politics. We will discuss theoretical texts alongside art, literature, cinema and performance.
  • Race and Psychoanalysis

    This group focuses on the theory, history, and practice of the “talking cure,” inviting both scholars and practicing psychoanalysts to lead discussions around a precirculated text. The theme for this year will be “Race and Psychoanalysis.
  • Social Philosophy

    We will study recent work on social ontology and epistemology. Important questions include: Do social entities, such as races and genders, exist? Are they socially constructed? Are there facts which are only knowable to certain social groups?
  • Speaking of Science

    Organized by Princeton Citizen Scientists, this reading group serves as a site for monthly discussion about science communication. We will explore diverse methods of outreach and education, providing a site of engagement for scientists and humanists alike.


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